Trust. For almost 30 years, it’s the cornerstone of everything we’ve been building.

In 1985, Brian Murray founded Murray Homes. His vision was to establish a custom home building company unlike any in the market, one that would become the touchstone of precision craftsmanship and boutique service. Today, that legacy lives on as Mission Homes, and our guiding vision has never wavered.

Mission has earned a well-deserved reputation for building relationships that are as enduring as our homes. Every home we craft represents not only a vision brought to reality, but also an opportunity to express our passion for superior quality and personalized homeowner care.

Our primary objective is as it always has been - to deliver an overall building experience that is second to none. We are committed to establishing builder-homeowner relationships based on honesty, integrity and mutual trust. We also place great significance on communication, consistency of quality and post-possession service.

We view every partnership as a long-term one that is mutually beneficial.